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Turmeric root

Experiments with turmeric

Turmeric, Curcuma longa, a spice related to ginger, is becoming increasingly popular – with coffee shops offering turmeric latte and turmeric tea, while health foods stores are expanding their ranges of supplements and other turmeric-containing products, writes Dr Susan Aldridge, HS guest blogger, freelance writer and editor based in London, with an interest in medicine, health, […]

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Prevent hay fever early

Start early to prevent hay fever this season with natural health remedies. Hay fever facts : Around 12 million people have hay fever in the UK 95  per cent are affected by grass pollen, but many suffer from the tree pollens that are abundant from the spring. Silver birch is the most prevalent hay fever trigger […]


Quit smoking

Wednesday, March 14th is National No Smoking Day.  Whether it’s a New Year’s resolution or this day it gives an incentive to cut it out.  Smoking is SO expensive these days, plus Smoking Kills. Smoking Statistics There are 9 million smokers in the UK, the majority of whom are young people. That means that 19 […]

Cider vinegar

Experimenting with ‘superfoods’: cider vinegar

For 2018, I’m setting the alphabet theme aside and, instead, I’m going to experiment with some so-called superfoods, looking at how to include them in your diet, writes Dr Susan Aldridge, HS guest blogger, freelance writer and editor based in London, with an interest in medicine, health, science and food/nutrition.  I’m not planning to take […]


Colds, coughs, flu

Everyone’s got colds at the moment but there’s not much the doctor can do when you have a cold or flu,  because antibiotics won’t work for viruses. But there’s plenty you can do yourself. Regular Vitamin C – especially as Montmorency cherries. Echinacea daily – you can take it all winter. Garlic – many people […]

This Month’s Spotlight: Fitness & Lifestyle

berries and oats (breakfast)

Top health tips

Eat porridge and wholegrains for long life. More research into eating plenty of fibre has found that eating fibre-rich foods like porridge mean that you are less likely to die prematurely.  The study of nearly 400,000 people in the US found that whole grains like oatmeal, wild and brown rice, fruit and vegetables had best […]


Stay healthy and beautiful

It’s much easier to look lovely in your 20s when your skin is soft and smooth and you haven’t become weathered by time. So how can you maintain a shapely and toned body and good skin as you get older? Live Long and Healthily Living a long life may not always be a good thing […]

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Women need more iron

The symptoms of low iron are: Fatigue Low energy Difficulty with concentration Cognitive problems Heart palpitations Shortness of breath after exertion Concave fingernails Women need more iron Women – Iron is the only mineral where women’s requirements are greater than men’s, this is due to menstrual blood loss and pregnancy. Iron is a one of […]

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Water is essential to life

By the time you’re thirsty you’re already dehydrated, and although we know it’s essential to life how many people drink enough water? The most essential drink you need to quench your thirst is water. Not tea, not coffee, fizzy drinks, or alcohol, but water.  There are so many health benefits of drinking water it’s hard […]

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Six tips to staying fit during winter

By Toby Giles, Personal Trainer & Fitness Expert   1. Water, water and more water! Even in winter it is essential to drink lots of water. Aim to drink 1.5 – 2 litres a day – this helps maintain a healthy body weight by increasing metabolism and regulating appetite. 2. Avoid craving fatty foods. Always […]