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Exam time – keep calm

It’s exam season for thousands of British students – at school and university.  After years of hard work it’s important to stay focused, healthy and alert. On top of doing lots of work it’s important to: Get plenty of sleep. Eat healthy foods, not sugary snacks. Take breaks and relax. Calm down – try Rescue […]

Root ginger.

The spice of life

Spices are good for you, and they have many health benefits.    Turmeric is a wonderful spice with so many properties, especially in the fight against osteoarthritis (see below).  Spices are also used to preserve food and make it taste good. At the end of this post there are lots of spicy supplements and products […]


A is for apricots

The apricot season is almost upon us! Look out for fresh apricots and make the most of this nutritious and delicious orange fruit, because the season is short,  writes Dr Susan Aldridge, guest blogger, freelance writer and editor based in London, with an interest in medicine, health, science and food/nutrition.   Also, their shelf-life is short […]

Arnica, courtesy of A. Vogel (Bioforce)

Arthritis – what to do

Nine out of ten people have arthritis by the time they reach 50 and every year a whopping eight million go to see their doctor about it. At its worst arthritis impairs mobility to such an extent that people can barely walk, their hands become disfigured and they suffer considerable pain. Even at this stage […]

Bear Grylls - Men vs Wild with Will Ferrell

Bowen for Bear Grylls

Intrepid adventurer Bear Grylls, currently starring in Mission Survive, has a rather surprising ally in his efforts to stay at peak physical performance – the gentle complementary therapy called the Bowen Technique. Bowen Therapy is an alternative form of massage therapy that uses gentle touches to encourage the body to actively engage its own healing […]

This Month’s Spotlight: Women’s Health

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Finding an alternative – PMS

Do you feel like throwing things, or storm around the house wondering why everyone is so untidy, or perhaps you just want to cry?  Sometimes you feel like walking out or picking an argument, you might even be a completely different person before a period from who you normally are.  Sue Leach, practising homeopath, provides […]

sleep problems

Sleep tight

Almost of half of women in the UK don’t get a good night’s sleep.*  Sleep is a very precious thing and we only think about its quality when we aren’t getting enough. A key reason for not sleeping well is worrying. It keeps the brain whizzing round and round at night, while all we want […]

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PMS solutions

From a young age until menopause a woman can experience pre-menstrual tension which can make them feel emotional, angry, depressed, uncomfortable, bloated and much more.   Sometimes these last for as much as a week, or even more and interfere with daily life. There’s plenty that can be done to ease symptoms by changing diet (See PMS can be […]


Infertility affected by lifestyle?

Lifestyle Changes And Therapies Boost Fertility One in six couples in the UK seeks help when trying to have a baby. One cycle of IVF treatment should be available on the NHS, but it can still be a geographical lottery with long waiting lists. Some couples give up and pay thousands of pounds for each […]

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Therapies for pregnancy, labour and afterwards

Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy  ‘If a pregnant women is suffering from a debilitating condition such as carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, excessive swelling, or severe back ache they are referred to the complementary therapy team for reflexology, massage, aromatherapy and shiatsu massage,’ according to Wendy Gadsden, midwife specialist and complementary therapists co-ordinator at the Barratt Maternity Home […]