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The Mood Boosting Plan

Written by positivity coach, Miriam Akhtar. Who is currently working with Ryvita and Davina McCall as part of their Positivity Panel to inspire women into #getmore good in their lives Try  these tips to give yourself a lift when life is getting you down. Happiness is something we do rather than something that just […]

Chia seeds

Discovering chia seeds

Chia seeds may be tiny, but they are packed with vital nutrients so if, like me, you hadn’t tried them previously, it’s well worth starting to include them in your diet. They come from the Salvia hispanica plant, which is native to Central and South America and a member of the mint family. It’s said […]

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Painful, heavy, irregular periods?

Anyone whose periods are extremely painful every month, who has stopped having periods or who is suffering from heavy periods should see a doctor. Complementary therapies and self-help tips can be a solution once serious problems, such as endometriosis, fibroids, or cancer, have been ruled out.  Complementary therapies can, however,  help for both endometriosis and fibroids (see Hysterectomies – […]

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Experiments with low carb

Without getting too heavily involved in the low carb, low sugar, low glycaemic index debate, I’d like to offer up just a few suggestions…My first thought was to look for lower carb versions of favourite pasta, rice and potato dishes. But I couldn’t face fish pie or shepherd’s pie with ‘alternative’ mash in this weather […]


Save your skin in the sun

The best summer most of us have ever seen has enabled us to live like the continentals. Day after day of hot weather has been good for those who have respect for the sun, but has caused many people to end up in hospital through over-exposure. There’s a mixed message about the sun – the […]

This Month’s Spotlight: Healthy Advice

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Relax, relax, relax

Stress is at epidemic levels. Health and Safety Executive Research shows that stress accounts for half of all working days lost each year, costing employers £26 billion a year. A survey for Mind suggests that one in 11 British workers has been to the GP for stress and anxiety from the financial squeeze. Stress is […]

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Is red wine good for you?

Paracelcus ((1493-1541),, ‘Wine is a food, a medicine, and a poison – it’s just a question of dose’.   So what is the truth?  There has been alarming news recently about the increase in liver disease, particularly among young people, so how can drinking ever be beneficial to your health?  Red wine can protect the […]


Not much help for emotional over-eating

Misunderstanding, lack of help and stigma affect people with emotional over-eating issues  a survey by Beat – the UK’s leading eating disorder charity – has found. Over 1,000 people across the UK responded to the survey and the findings were significant. 88 per cent said their problems with food were related to emotional problems. 73 […]

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Vitamin D essential to health

The Government is now advising the public to take Vitamin D supplements in winter.   The Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) has produced a report on Vitamin D levels for the Government, emphasising that everyone in Britain over the age of one should take 10 mcg of Vitamin D a day. Sunshine accounts for 90 […]


Cholesterol – are statins the only answer?

Recent guidelines suggested that 4.5 million more people should be offered statins, in addition to the 13 million people who are already eligible. They stipulate that people who have a 10 per cent risk of a heart attack in the next 10 years should be offered statins, as opposed to current guidelines of a 20 […]