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B is for butternut squash

Butternut squash is a member of the cucurbitaceae family which includes squash, melons and cucumber. All have a thick rind surrounding a fleshy interior with a pulpy seed-containing core. Varying amount of water, fibre, sugar and starch in the different types of cucurbitaceae give them their widely varying characteristics. Guest blog by Susan Aldridge, freelance writer […]


Restless legs at night?

It’s 3 a.m. and you’ve just woken up again with an uncontrollable urge to move your legs. There’s a bubbling, crawling feeling in your calves and the whole length of your legs are aching. If this sounds familiar, you might be suffering from Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). RLS is a debilitating condition that is more […]


Six tips for mindfulness

Here are some ways you can practice mindfulness without meditating to improve a sense of wellbeing even while you are on the go. Eat mindfully Take a few minutes during the day to just eat. Not multi-tasking lunch with conversation, the computer or phone. Just absorb the taste and textures of the food. Take in […]

moon winter

SAD time of year

Winter blues affect some 17 per cent of Britons*, while 7 per cent experience  SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).   Winter blues can mean feeling extra tired, lacking in energy and feeling low.   Symptoms of SAD include: • Depression – low self-esteem, misery, despair, hopelessness, numbness,apathy • Constant fatigue • Disturbed sleep patterns with early morning […]

Judith Kilgallon practises Bowen therapy

Bowen banishes headaches and more

Eileen’s first thought when she went for a Bowen appointment was, ‘What absolute rubbish. The therapist twiddles me a bit, goes out and leaves me. Imagine my surprise then the next morning when my husband brought a mug of tea and two Co-Codamol as he usually does. I said, “I don’t need the co-codamol. My […]

This Month’s Spotlight: Healthy Interviews


New approach to dyslexia and ADHD

An interview with Mark Mathews of the Sunflower Trust ‘It’s too easy to label children with dyslexia and ADHD. People are like computers – if something is wired up incorrectly we don’t function. These children have plenty of other problems.’ Mark Mathews, Sunflower Trust Mark Mathews set up the Sunflower Trust to help children with […]

Seka Nicolic

Unlock your own power – Seka Nikolic

I’d only heard good things about the bio-energy healer Seka Nikolic, and had interviewed her in the past. I went with an open mind for a healing session with her. The first thing that I noticed when I arrived was a notice saying you know more than you think.  I think this is probably very […]


The Functional Doctor

Dr Georges Mouton, internationally renowned pioneer of functional medicine Imagine going to see your GP because you’re feeling tired and they give you not only a blood test, but test your urine, saliva, stool and hair as well. This is standard practice for Dr Georges Mouton, the Belgian functional doctor, who practises at the Hale […]

How not to get fat – Ian Marber

Eat every 2½ hours during the day, combine carbohydrates with protein and make it a way of life. Oh if only it were so easy, but actually it probably is. Ian Marber is a well know nutrition therapist, broadcaster and author of several health/nutrition books. His message in his new book, How Not to Get […]

Janey Lee Grace

Interview: Janey Lee Grace

Known for her regular appearances on Radio 2’s Steve Wright Show and Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff, Janey Lee Grace has become renowned for her ‘green’ credentials. She reveals how it all started to Healthy Soul. Janey Lee Grace appears regularly on TV on Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff and also on the Steve Wright […]