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Judith Kilgallon practises Bowen therapy

Bowen banishes headaches and more

Eileen’s first thought when she went for a Bowen appointment was, ‘What absolute rubbish. The therapist twiddles me a bit, goes out and leaves me. Imagine my surprise then the next morning when my husband brought a mug of tea and two Co-Codamol as he usually does. I said, “I don’t need the co-codamol. My […]

Acupuncture needles on back of a young woman

Keep your mind and body healthy

Guest blog: According to British psychologist Dr. Richard Wiseman, the overall pace of life has increased by 10 per cent worldwide since the 1990s. You may even find that some places have seen an increase of 20 per cent. Advances in technology have contributed to a rise in the collective sense of urgency. The rate […]


B is for blackberries

B is for Blackberries Guest blog: Blackberries are perhaps the only source of fruit that is both widely available and free. So why not combine a blackberry gathering session with an autumn country walk? They are in season from June to November (obviously they are available in the supermarket all year round – but think […]


Prevent colds

There is no substitute for medical advice when someone is really unwell but for more minor ailments there are plenty of alternatives. Rather than struggling with a streaming nose and a hacking cough, the best thing would be to prevent them in the first place. There are quite a few choices when it comes to […]

Wendy sun

Vitamin D essential to health

The Government may take some kind of action about Vitamin D – either adding it to food or prescribing supplements for those at risk.  The Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) has produced a draft report on Vitamin D levels for the Government. Sunshine accounts for 90 per cent of our intake of Vitamin D, […]

This Month’s Spotlight: Healthy Interviews

Janey Lee Grace

Interview: Janey Lee Grace

Known for her regular appearances on Radio 2’s Steve Wright Show and Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff, Janey Lee Grace has become renowned for her ‘green’ credentials. She reveals how it all started to Healthy Soul. Janey Lee Grace appears regularly on TV on Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff and also on the Steve Wright […]

woman early menopause

Early menopause on the increase

‘A leading women’s health expert, Dr Marilyn Glenville, claims that more and more women are having an early menopause – before 40 and sometimes in their 20s.  The normal age for ceasing periods is between 45 and 55 with an average of 50 years old. ‘The numbers are increasing and now around one in 20 […]

How not to get fat – Ian Marber

Eat every 2½ hours during the day, combine carbohydrates with protein and make it a way of life. Oh if only it were so easy, but actually it probably is. Ian Marber is a well know nutrition therapist, broadcaster and author of several health/nutrition books. His message in his new book, How Not to Get […]


Laser treatment heals nerve damage

Personal story: Following a routine hand operation Mandy Sutcliffe-Spencer of Stevenage, was left with pain and deformity in her left hand, and the medication for the pain “scrambled” her brain. Most unusually the 45 year old mother of two had a ganglion growing inside her left wrist and needed to have an operation. ‘It grew […]


New approach to dyslexia and ADHD

An interview with Mark Mathews of the Sunflower Trust ‘It’s too easy to label children with dyslexia and ADHD. People are like computers – if something is wired up incorrectly we don’t function. These children have plenty of other problems.’ Mark Mathews, Sunflower Trust Mark Mathews set up the Sunflower Trust to help children with […]