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S is for Spanish: the Mediterranean Diet Part Three

There is more good news about the Mediterranean Diet. A study published in the International Journal of Cancer in March, and reported in the Telegraph showed that women who adhered most closely to the Mediterranean style of eating had a 40 per cent reduced risk of oestrogen receptor-negative breast cancer, which is one of the […]

exam girl

Exam time – keep calm

It’s exam season for thousands of British students – at school and university.  After years of hard work it’s important to stay focused, healthy and alert, including the recently heralded Rosemary Oil. On top of doing lots of work it’s important to: Get plenty of sleep. Eat healthy foods, not sugary snacks. Take breaks and […]

Greek salad

G is for Greek: the Mediterranean Diet Part Two

Eating a diet with a higher ‘Mediterranean diet’ score reduces the risk of further heart problems in those with established (but stable) coronary heart disease, according to a new study, writes HS guest blogger, Dr Susan Aldridge, freelance writer and editor based in London, with an interest in medicine, health, science and food/nutrition. The research […]


Rosemary key to long life in Italy

A small village on the Cilentan coast, Acciaroli is home to a large community of centenarians – one in ten residents is over one hundred years old, and standards of health are excellent. So what is the key? Conversely, they aren’t especially health-conscious either. Tobacco use is commonplace and so is alcohol consumption. They deny […]


The superfood myth

So-called superfoods are some of the simplest and healthiest foods we can eat,  and we are  great believers in  them. However, the marketing hype has caused prices to be inflated by some suppliers and stores and this interesting graphic exposes some of the myths about superfoods.  Read more about our favourite superfoods in Superfoods.   […]

This Month’s Spotlight: Herbs & Plants


Where have all the flowers gone?

It was one of those days we’ve had a lot of this summer – bursts of sunshine punctuated by downpours. When the sun came out the colours of the herbs came into their own – the brilliant orange of marigolds, bright red poppies, and beautiful lavender flowers laced with the aromatic scents of sage, rosemary, […]

Courtesy of Living Nature.

Manuka honey – double the health benefits

‘Superbugs’ affect as many as 100,000 patients in the UK every year, but some hospitals are now dressing wounds with Manuka honey from New Zealand to kill off antibiotic-resistant infections. Studies at the Cawthron Institute in New Zealand have proven that Manuka Oil is effective against 39 separate micro-organisms including the bacteria that causes acne […]


Supergreens from lake to ocean

The diets of teenagers have a lot to answer for, but apparently almost 70 per cent of schoolgirls are so low in iodine that they are putting the health of future children they have at risk. Key to brain development in the womb iodine is found in sea fish and kelp, a form of seaweed. […]


The magic of propolis

For 45 million years bees have protected their hives from infection and invasion with a sticky, resinous substance known as propolis – which can be translated from Greek as ‘defender of the city’.  Now propolis is becoming known again for its healing properties.  As an antibacterial, antibiotic and antiseptic substance it is now widely used […]


The miracle of lemons

Lemons are antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, antifungal, astringent, detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine, provide masses of  Vitamin C and can be used in cleaning and beautifying.  The amazing benefits of lemons for health are fully explained in the book, The Miracle of Lemons, by Dr Penny Stanway. What few people realise is that lemons may be acidic […]