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I is for Indian

For 2017, the A to Z of Superfoods blog goes on tour! Each month, we’ll look at a different cuisine and pick out those elements that make it healthy – then create some recipes around them, writes Dr Susan Aldridge, freelance writer and editor based in London, with an interest in medicine, health, science and […]


Colds, coughs, flu

Everyone’s got colds at the moment but there’s not much the doctor can do when you have a cold or flu,  because antibiotics won’t work for viruses. But there’s plenty you can do yourself. Regular Vitamin C – especially as Montmorency cherries. Echinacea daily – you can take it all winter. Garlic – many people […]


T is for tangerines

Tangerines (also known as mandarins) are small, easy-to-peel citrus fruits which are at their best during December, writes our guest blogger, Dr Susan Aldridge, freelance writer and editor based in London, with an interest in medicine, health, science and food/nutrition. Satsumas are just a kind of tangerine, while clementines are a hybrid between a tangerine and […]


C is for carrots

Autumnal nights call for pumpkin and sweet potato – but don’t forget the humble carrot, which is also (as the name suggests) rich in carotenoids, which can protect against heart disease and cancer. It’s easy to up your carrot intake by including them in a plate of crudites, with other raw veg, or as a […]

moon winter

SAD time of year

Winter blues affect some 17 per cent of Britons*, while 7 per cent experience  SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).   Winter blues can mean feeling extra tired, lacking in energy and feeling low.   Symptoms of SAD include: • Depression – low self-esteem, misery, despair, hopelessness, numbness,apathy • Constant fatigue • Disturbed sleep patterns with early morning […]

This Month’s Spotlight: Family Health


New approach to dyslexia and ADHD

An interview with Mark Mathews of the Sunflower Trust ‘It’s too easy to label children with dyslexia and ADHD. People are like computers – if something is wired up incorrectly we don’t function. These children have plenty of other problems.’ Mark Mathews, Sunflower Trust Mark Mathews set up the Sunflower Trust to help children with […]

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Growing old gracefully

Here are a few tips to help you age gracefully, naturally. From Erin McCann, Nutritional Consultant for Unbeelievable Health. 1) Increase Your Antioxidants • Eat more fruits, like berries and citrus fruit, and vegetables, like leafy greens and squashes. • Take a quality, natural supplement containing antioxidant rich plant extracts, like Bee Prepared Immune Support […]

dad and daughter

Easing asthma

Asthma is at epidemic levels particularly among children but it can be made much more manageable with breathing techiques, therapies and self-help. What is asthma? Asthma is a recurring problem which can be triggered by allergies, infections or stress. When a sufferer comes into contact with an asthma trigger the muscles around the walls of […]

Sleeping man

Sleeping tips

We all know how things can appear to be much better after a good night’s sleep. Poor sleep is linked to anxiety and depression and people can often find themselves in a vicious spiral where poor sleep leads to mental health problems, which lead to even worse sleep. Research carried out at Carnegie Mellon University […]

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Losing weight

Losing weight is never easy. First of all you have to be in the right state of mind and determined that you want to succeed, and secondly you have to identify what you should and should not be eating. Most health experts agree that eating healthy foods such as fruit, vegetables, wholegrains, pulses, fish, chicken […]