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Root ginger.

The spice of life

Spices are good for you, and they have many health benefits.    Turmeric is a wonderful spice with so many properties, especially in the fight against osteoarthritis (see below).  Spices are also used to preserve food and make it taste good. At the end of this post there are lots of spicy supplements and products […]


A is for apricots

The apricot season is almost upon us! Look out for fresh apricots and make the most of this nutritious and delicious orange fruit, because the season is short,  writes Dr Susan Aldridge, guest blogger, freelance writer and editor based in London, with an interest in medicine, health, science and food/nutrition.   Also, their shelf-life is short […]

Arnica, courtesy of A. Vogel (Bioforce)

Arthritis – what to do

Nine out of ten people have arthritis by the time they reach 50 and every year a whopping eight million go to see their doctor about it. At its worst arthritis impairs mobility to such an extent that people can barely walk, their hands become disfigured and they suffer considerable pain. Even at this stage […]

Bear Grylls - Men vs Wild with Will Ferrell

Bowen for Bear Grylls

Intrepid adventurer Bear Grylls, currently starring in Mission Survive, has a rather surprising ally in his efforts to stay at peak physical performance – the gentle complementary therapy called the Bowen Technique. Bowen Therapy is an alternative form of massage therapy that uses gentle touches to encourage the body to actively engage its own healing […]


B is for bananas

Bananas are one of the world’s most widely consumed fruits. They come in their own convenient packaging, which makes them ideal for a healthy snack or lunch on the go (watch tennis players like Andy Murray consuming them between sets during Wimbledon!). And what could be easier than slicing a banana into cereal, porridge or […]

This Month’s Spotlight: Healthy Advice

Health apps

Is your mobile health app making you sick?

We use health and medical apps every day to track monitor our health, track fitness or even help diagnose health problems. A new study estimates that one and a half billion smartphone users have a health app installed. But the medical app we’re using might be doing us more harm than good. Recent research by […]

woman in 50s

Menopause positives

Alison Cullen, nutritionist at A. Vogel, and a Healthy Soul expert, offers hints on how to cope well with the menopause. The menopause is a tough time for your body. As hormone levels fluctuate, the adrenal (nervous) system is weakened making it difficult to cope with symptoms. Eat Right: Eat regularly – skipping meals can […]


Healthy air travel

Flying can be a hazardous business – not from a safety point of view – but in terms of your health. Sometimes you can catch a bug on the plane and spend most of your well-earned holiday in bed. There are many ways of easing the effects of a long flight, so that you can […]


Cystitis tips

One in three women get cystitis in their lives and some get recurrent attacks, but doctors can only provide antibiotics as a solution. There are plenty of ways of trying to prevent it and natural solutions when you’ve got it.  At its worst cystitis can be excruciating.There are a number of symptoms and some can […]


Tax sugary drinks?

Recommendations to put an extra 20 per cent tax on sugary drink to prevent people becoming obese were put forward by the BMA (British Medical Association) recently. But will anything change? Recommendations come out all the time but do they get taken up. The BMA claims that poor diets cost 70,000 premature deaths a year. […]