Natural beauty

Some of the rich and famous may go for botox or plastic surgery, but they also increasingly choose natural beauty products which are free from harsh chemicals. Not only are natural beauty products much less costly they don’t cause you any harm.

The latest natural beauty product to be taken up by celebrities, including Dannii Minogue, Gwyneth Paltrow and Michelle Pfeiffer, is Deborah Mitchell’s Bee Venom, sourced from New Zealand,  which is a natural alternative to botox. Believed to be used by the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla, the bee venom works by slightly stinging the skin to stimulate production of collagen and elastin which reduce wrinkles by relaxing and strengthening muscles.

Even more amazing is the way they extract the venom – they place a pane of glass alongside the bee hive in Nelson, New Zealand, and run a small electric current through it, which encourages the bees to sting the surface. Then they take the bee venom and bottle it – it’s incredibly expensive at this stage (£27,000 for an ounce), but is blended by Deborah Mitchell’s Heaven company with Manuka honey (also from New Zealand), shea butter, rose and lavender oils.

Heaven Bee Venom Mask: £65 for 50 ml and is available from Nutribeauty:

Say no to Botox

If you follow a healthy natural lifestyle in many ways with plenty of exercise and healthy food the next step is to use make-up and cosmetics which are free from harmful chemicals.

Potions and injections that make your frown lines disappear, shrink your wrinkles and make you look ultra-young can have side-effects. Botox works by paralyzing the muscles of the face and was originally used to treat muscle twitches.  It is made from a virulent poison and if overdone it leaves a familiar look on some celebs – no expression!   And we all saw what happened to Michael Jackson and countless other Hollywood stars who look worse as they age than if they had done nothing!

Every year Britons spend £5 billion a year on cosmetics and toiletries, with 93 per cent of women using them.

Some shocking facts about cosmetics

Do you ever think about what you put on your face every day as you do your make up? Here are a few facts:

• Everything you put on your skin is absorbed into the bloodstream.
• Many cosmetics contain chemicals that can have harmful side-effects.
• One ingredient, ‘Parfum’ is a very vague term but often consists of several chemicals that can accumulate in body tissue.
• Ninety-three per cent of women use lipstick BUT in their lifetimes they consume about 2lb of it through their mouths.
• Lipstick colouring is often made from cochineal – crushed beetle-like insects.

If we used these cosmetics occasionally they wouldn’t cause many problems but the cumulative use of them over years of our lives means that the chemicals are embedded in our bodies and may be weakening our defence systems.

The cumulative effect of many of these chemicals can cause premature ageing, disruption to hormones, allergic reactions, birth defects in babies and serious skin conditions and illnesses.

What are the chemicals?


Healthy  Soul recommends:

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Barefoot Botanicals SOS Foot Soldier Refreshing Foot Balm, 75ml, £13.95
Lavera Cleansing Milk 2 in 1, 125ml, £6.45
Lavera Hand Cream, Rose Garden, 75ml, £5.75
Faith in Nature Aloe Vera Shampoo, 400ml, £4.59
Faith in Nature Aloe Vera Conditioner, 400ml, £4.59
Dr Hauschka Volume Mascara, £19.95
Bellapierre Eyeliner Trio, £29.99
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Alva Fluid Foundation, £18.85
Spirit of Beauty, Dancing Orchid, Sun Orchid and Bird of Paradise Facial Spritz, made with essential oils, 100ml,  £17.95

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