Manuka honey – double the health benefits

Courtesy of Living Nature.
Courtesy of Living Nature.

‘Superbugs’ affect as many as 100,000 patients in the UK every year, but some hospitals are now dressing wounds with Manuka honey from New Zealand to kill off antibiotic-resistant infections. Studies at the Cawthron Institute in New Zealand have proven that Manuka Oil is effective against 39 separate micro-organisms including the bacteria that causes acne and MRSA.

People have used honey to fight infection for thousands of years and there is plenty of research to prove its healing properties. Manuka Oil has been revered by the Maori people of New Zealand for centuries for its natural healing properties. The flowers of the Manuka bush are also antibacterial, so honey made by bees which collect pollen from its flowers is doubly effective in healing wounds and fighting superbugs.

Extracted from the Manuka Plant, Manuka Oil also possesses naturally potent antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, amongst others, which modern research confirms combats the micro-organisms that cause many common skin irritations and infections.
To help soothe, calm and care for your skin; follow Living Nature’s top 10 tips for using the natural curative powers of Rescue Gel this summer:

+ Cuts & Grazes: apply a small amount regularly to broken skin to help prevent infection and promote healing.
+ Insect Bites: dab the bite immediately to help calm the irritation and reduce the desire to scratch!
+ Prickly Heat: smooth gently over the affected area to help reduce the heat of irritated skin and ease inflammation.
+ Skin Irritations: Rescue Gel helps calm, soothe and repair irritated skin whether an allergic reaction to a particular substance or resulting from contact with vegetation such as goose grass or stinging nettles.
+ Hives: gently smooth over the affected area to promote healing, reduce inflammation and restore your skin naturally.
+ Minor Sunburn: apply immediately after over-exposure to the sun and let the curative actions of this all-natural gel cool and calm hot, red skin.
+ Cold Sores: the potent combination of antimicrobial Active Manuka Honey and Manuka Oil tackles troublesome cold sores fast!
+ Blisters: apply this curative gel to broken skin to help promote healing; it also helps reduce the fluid inside a blister.
+ Spots: dab troublesome spots regularly to help keep your skin clear. Antimicrobial Manuka Oil is also extremely effective at tackling stubborn skin conditions such as acne.
+ Shaving Rash: super-soothing Rescue Gel works wonders on calming skin after hair removal, whether waxing, epilating or shaving; it even possesses the special ability to draw out the hair naturally!

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