New Year recovery tips

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Now is the time to put those resolutions into practice after several weeks of over-eating and drinking. More exercise, less alcohol, healthier food are all good ideas, but how do you start to feel better as soon as the party season is over? If you are making big changes to your diet and cutting out […]

New year tips to kick start your health

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 1. Drink water for more energy Cut down on tea, coffee, and colas as they contain caffeine which is a stimulant that gives a quick fix followed by a slump, and opt for water instead – eight glasses a day is recommended to flush out the toxins – and try peppermint, fruity or dandelion herbal […]

Rejuvenate mind and body with New Year detox


Detoxing the ayurvedic way, by Sebastian Pole, Ayurvedic practitioner and herbal director of Pukka Herbs Overindulgence during the festive season can leave many of us feeling bloated, lethargic and ready to contemplate a period of self-restraint. While the body has an innate tendency to maintain a healthy balance, if its natural detoxifying functions become congested […]