Blog posts: £100 + VAT  for one month on home page and then remaining on site.  £60 + VAT for one month on home page.

Advertisements on Healthy Soul start at £300 per year depending on the size and the number of pages you want your ad to appear on.

Sizes vary and include:

£300 + VAT  p.a. for a 125 x 125 small size

£500 + VAT p.a.  for a 468 x 60 size

£750 + VAT p.a. for 468 x 468


Sponsorship is also available for suitable companies and prices are negotiable according to whether or not you sponsor an article, several pages or the entire site.

Sponsorship of individual pages: £750.00 + VAT p.a.

Sponsorship of individual pages + 468 x 60 ad: £1,200 + VAT p.a.

Sponsorship of entire site: negotiable

All rules concerning the advertising of health products have to be taken into account.

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