Useful Links

Alliance for Natural Health (ANH): A not-for-profit campaign organisation working to protect and promote natural health care through the use of ‘good science and good law’ based in the UK but operates internationally. Particularly concerned with the impact the EU and other international re
Alternatives: Spiritual wisdom and practical inspiration for people who believe a better world is possible. Alternatives provides regular talks and events at its home at St James’s Church, Piccadilly. Sign up for the regular newsletter.
Better/GLL is the largest UK-based charitable social enterprise delivering leisure, health and community services. During the Covid-19 pandemic, they are offering their services online through the Better UK fitness app, which has been made available to the public for free, to help people stay active and motivated. More information about the app is here –
Counselling Directory: Counselling Directory: A support network of UK counsellors and psychotherapists, with information on their training and experience, areas of counselling covered, fees and contact details. This service is free, confidential and easy to use.
Equine Natural Health: Herbal remedies specifically for horses from medical herbalist Suzanne Woodward
Foresight: Foresight offers advice for couples having problems conceiving. A postal service is available and Foresight gives information about lifestyle and testing for genito-urinary infection and mineral deficiencies.
Future You: With the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine has developed the COVID-19: Tackling the Novel Coronavirus course to understand the emergence of COVID-19 and how we respond to it going forward at:
Guildford-Woking Complementary Health network: The Guildford-Woking Complementary Health (GWCH) network is a group of professionally qualified and fully insured complementary therapists practising in the Guildford/Woking area.
Holistic Community: An online resource for holistic therapy in the UK, including information on therapies and a unique online directory of therapists.
The John Tsagaris Clinic is one of London’s premier acupuncture clinics, offering a range of acupuncture, massage and Chinese herbal medicine services. John is an internationally renowned doctor, known for his bespoke beauty and wellbeing treatments.
Organic Vegetarian: The Organic Delivery Company is London’s award winning organic food delivery company, 020 7739 8181. They deliver in the London area and just outside (e.g. Kingston)
Penny Brohn Cancer Care: Whatever course of action you can get plenty of help and advice, especially about healthy eating.
Shea Alchemy: Lovely shea butter natural creams for hand, body, feet, babies, men and teenage skin.
Stressbusting: This is a useful site offering advice on living a less-stressed life. It includes details of stress relief therapies, free stress tests, tips on ways of coping and a directory of practitioners in the UK.
The Soil Association: The Soil Association is the leading expert body on organic food and provides certification to farmers and food manufacturers. A one stop website for finding practitioners of different kinds of complementary therapies.
TIPS: Independent parenting advice and product testing. Founded by Sharon Trotter, midwife, author of Breastfeeding: the essential guide, baby skincare advisor and Mother and Baby consultant.
Tummy Trouble: Every kind of stomach problem you might encounter is outlined here with natural remedies and other solutions provided.
Yoga Wiz:  Also known as shoulder stand. An inverted pose which helps to tone and stretch the body. Read other health benefits of Sarvangasana or shoulder stand pose.
Wikipedia: A free-content, multilingual encyclopædia written collaboratively by contributors from around the world, containing many articles on obscure plants and herbs and their active components.
Women’s Health: Fertility Testing
Information on female and male fertility tests, infertility treatment options such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), and fertility problems that can affect couples trying to conceive.