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Spring forward with greens, turnips and leeks

Without wishing to follow the example of a minister in government, suggesting that we eat turnips instead of tomatoes (because of food shortages),  this is a blog by Susan Aldridge which is very seasonal. We’re in Lent. Dry January and Veganuary are behind us – so what to give up now? I grew up with […]

Squats and laser for arthritic knees

For several years I have not been able to get up easily if I am bending down to a low cupboard to get something out, have a look or to clean it. In yoga I have avoided doing squats that hurt my knees. So, when I was asked to show an NHS physiotherapist some squats, […]

Sugar highly addictive – & children’s foods are full of it

Most people would find it hard to believe that sugar is as addictive as cocaine, alcohol and nicotine. The world’s leading sugar addiction expert Nicole M. Avena, PhD, has devised a plan for reducing sugar intake and improving health. Her 7 step plan helps to wean people off sugar and other sweeteners.  Over-consumption of sugar […]

Manuka honey – double the health benefits

Honey is n to be good at fighting viruses, but Manuka honey has even more clout. Extracted from the Manuka Plant, Manuka Oil also possesses naturally potent antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Research confirms that it combats the micro-organisms that cause many common skin irritations and infections. It also protects against peptic ulcers and […]

GP practice of the future

Dr Michael Dixon has been appointed by King Charles as Head of the Royal Medical Household.  The usual suspects among the media are deriding the appointment as if King Charles cannot choose his own physician. But he Dr Michael Dixon is a well respected medical doctor who also believes in complementary therapies. According to the […]

This Month’s Spotlight: Healthy Mind

9 Therapies: What’s the best emotional release technique?

Guest blog by Dr Lisa Turner One of the biggest myths portrayed by the media, films and stories is that once you’ve had a traumatic experience, you will be emotionally scarred for life and that the best you can hope for is to learn to live with it, understand it. However, recent years have brought […]

Relaxation tips

Now more than ever people are suffering from anxiety and depression. Mental health problems have soared during COVID-19, due to lockdown, fears about jobs, loneliness, a feeling of hopelessness, fear and much more. Now is the time we really need to take care of ourselves. 1. WALK: Go for a walk – 20 minutes or […]

Exercises for stress

Forty or 50 years ago we didn’t talk about stress, but it must have been there – it just didn’t have a name. How could anyone go through seven years of the Second World War without being stressed? Today the word ‘stress’ is bandied around liberally with people saying they are stressed after trying to […]

Boost your memory naturally

It is a fact that our brains lose function as we get into middle age and some people claim it happens much earlier! Some old people can remember intricate details of their childhood as if it were yesterday, but completely forget who came to see them the day before. Cognitive memory is the ability to […]

Coping with depression

Are antidepressants the solution? Most people know what it feels like to be depressed – and it is entirely normal to feel down following bereavement, divorce, redundancy or other life problems. It is when depression becomes a way of life that it becomes a problem, and often this is hard to recognise. Sometimes it is […]