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Finding out you’re pregnant is a time of joy and excitement, but you may also be apprehensive and nervous. Knowing that your life is going to change forever can be daunting and with a first baby you have no idea what to expect.

Physically you may feel great all through the pregnancy or you may suffer from fatigue and morning sickness, particularly at the beginning. Each pregnancy is different – even for the same person!  See also: Natural Baby.

And every woman is wary that something may go wrong, particularly in the early days. Currently one in five pregnancies ends in miscarriage affecting 250,000 women a year which is a huge figure. Some of this is accounted for by the older age of first time mums – 31 is the average in Britain, but lifestyle factors also play a part. It is helpful to get fit for pregnancy before you even try – have a look at the Foresight programme in Infertility Affected by Lifestyle?

There is plenty of information available about how to ensure a healthy pregnancy and birth. Many midwives have trained in complementary therapies too which help women throughout pregnancy and labour  to have positive experiences of childbirth.


Morning Sickness: ginger is great for morning sickness and can be taken in different ways. You can make a tea from fresh ginger root by peeling off the skin and cutting into small chunks. Infuse in a tea pot with boiling water, or you can try a ginger biscuit, ginger capsules, or sniff essential oil of ginger.

Depression: Clary Sage oil – put a few drops on a tissue so you can breathe it in. It’s very strong but it will help you to feel better.

Sleeplessness: Lavender Oil – try a few drops of lavender oil on a tissue, or have a bath with a few drops dispersed in the water prior to bedtime. Lavender is very soothing.

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Packing your case for hospital – apart from all the obvious things like nightdresses, sanitary pads, underclothes and wash bags, two invaluable items to take with you are:

Arnica: most women who take Arnica in pregnancy are sure that it helps their body to recover quicker. Arnica is for bruising and shock – both of which are relevant in childbirth. Start taking the Arnica as soon as you go into labour. Every two hours is fine – if you remember – and carry on once the baby is born. It can speed recovery remarkably.

Rescue Remedy: it’s great if you go into a panic – your partner might even need it, and it’s safe for you and your baby. Just put a few drops on your tongue or in water that you sip regularly.

Lavender oil – in the bath before and after birth, on a tissue to help you sleep and in massage oil if you are lucky enough to get anyone to massage you during labour!

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Haemorrhoids (piles): Cypress aromatherapy oil: A tip from Maggie Tisserand’s Aromatherapy for Women five drops of cypress oil in the bath after labour can ease haemorrhoids and help them to heal, or dilute just a couple of drops in a basin of water and gently dab it on. (Don’t apply neat). Allthough it sounds unpleasant, piles do happen to many women due to the pressure of the baby being born and they can take a long time to go away.

Sore Nipples: Kamillosan is an excellent cream made with chamomile. All the others I tried didn’t work.

Not enough milk: Guinness – I began to really enjoy it mixed with lemonade because it did the trick. Wouldn’t touch it now! Fennel tea is also supposed to be good!

Baby blues: Aromatherapy oils can help out on the day you feel weepy and depressed. Some aromatherapy oils that are good for easing the blues are Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang and Jasmine. Have a bath with a few drops dispersed in the water, use an oil burner, or put them on a tissue tucked into your clothes, so that you are breathing them all the time.

If it goes on for a long time it is more likely to be post-natal depression and you should see your doctor or be referred to a counsellor – don’t be fobbed off by your doctor. If you have a good health visitor talk to them about how you’re feeling.

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‘Breast is best’

This has been the motto of the NCT for some years. The belief is that babies get natural immunity for their mothers’ breast milk, and may be less likely to become allergic to certain foods and substances.

Natural Childbirth Trust (NCT), is the UK’s biggest parenting charity which can give advice on pregnancy, childbirth and the early years. They provide a variety of services and classes prior to birth:

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