No more painkillers after reflexology

Reflexology mapLast September 52 year old Bron stood on a table and as she was climbing down on to a chair she missed her footing and went over backwards. She fractured her spine and had to have four months off her job as a Learning Support Manager at a local Woking school. In January she was signed off by the doctors and physios and went back to work part-time, but her back was still so painful that she kept taking painkillers.

‘A colleague suggested reflexology, and I must admit I was sceptical at first,’ Bron explains. She looked on Google and found Julia Wood (also in Woking). ‘Julia was lovely and very helpful. At the first session the side of my foot which corresponds to my back was painful, but it was ‘good’ pain. Gradually it eased off and when I go for reflexology now it doesn’t hurt at all.

‘The first session of reflexology can make you feel quite unwell and I was glad that it was a Friday because I just felt completely wiped out the next day. I gradually began to feel much better, but after six sessions I came off the painkillers.

‘Just this week I had bursitis (a painful swelling) in my hip which had flared up, so I arranged to go and see Julia. After just one session it was much easier to put my weight on the hip.

‘I’d recommend reflexology to anyone as it meant I didn’t have to take painkillers any more, and I feel so much healthier now.  I have more get up and go, so much more energy, and I sleep better, and the pain has gone. I now go every month to keep myself in good shape.’

Julia Wood is a member of the Association of Reflexologists, and she practises in Woking, Surrey, but is happy to travel to clients’ homes to give treatments. She says, ‘Reflexology can also help greatly for relaxing clients who come to me with stress-related problems or illnesses. Some clients have reported a reduction in tension,  improved general well-being and better mood with clearer thoughts.

‘For example, a client came to me to de-stress and after a course of six treatments she noticed that she felt more balanced in herself and it also made her mind feel less “congested” with thoughts and worries.’

Julia Wood:

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