Placebo effect ruled out in healing

Professional Reiki healer doing reiki treatment to young woman

Trials on plants, cells, seeds, small animals and humans using non-contact healing have proved that healing therapies are not subject to the placebo effect. Sceptics always claim that healing and many complementary therapies only work through the ‘placebo effect’. Their argument is that people who have a treatment just believe that they feel better.

The research has found that Reiki, healing, hypnotherapy, reflexology and even yoga, as well as other therapies are effective and not just placebos. To prove their point the researchers at the University of Northampton used plants, cells, seeds, small animals as well as humans to test non-contact healing in a series of separate trials.

The results uncovered a fascinating phenomenon: When ‘healing intent’ was given to each of these categories, they produced an independent positive result. The evidence shows that healing intention can improve human wellbeing, and change the behaviour of animals, plants, seeds, and cells in culture, to an extent that was statistically shown to be very unlikely to be due to chance.

Sue Knight, chief executive of the Confederation of Healing Organisations, the charity advancing the practice of Healing, commented: ‘This groundbreaking scientific evidence has dispelled the notion that healing’s effectiveness is just a ‘placebo effect’ and is crucial recognition of the fact that healing intent can make a difference to wellbeing.

‘We hope this will broaden the public’s view about the role of complementary therapies within healthcare. We see the results of this research as the first step to changing people’s perceptions about healing, and we will support this process by sharing case studies, stories and crucial education about the world’s oldest form of treatment.’
The peer review published research was recently presented to MPs in Westminster by the University of Northampton and the Confederation of Healing Organisations.

About the meta-analysis research:
· Scientific evidence for the effects of non-contact healing (published by the peer review title: Explore: The Journal of Science & Healing)
· Conducted by Professor Chris A Roe, Dr Elizabeth Roxburgh and Ms Charmaine Sonnex, University of Northampton

About the CHO:

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