RaphaYad Bioenergy healing taps into frequencies

I am familiar with healing so it came as no surprise when Michael Cohen was moving around me feeling my energy, but then he stood back and was watching me intently.  While you’re sitting, standing or lying he scans your body with his eyes for imbalances or energy blocks.

Having developed the RaphaYad Bioenergy Healing technique himself, his eyes are well-trained and he can detect major blockages and pinpoint the root cause of the symptoms. This enables him to know what is the main priority in terms of seriousness and the pace at which he can work.

‘No two people’s symptoms are the same so I use a scanning technique to find the root cause of the symptoms,’ Michael explains.  He developed the technique after 20 years of his own serious health conditions when he had scoliosis and other severe back problems as well as food intolerances and hypersensitivity.  He had moved into the health arena by purchasing and running an organic food store, but he closed the shop to concentrate on developing this technique.

Once Michael has scanned the body for energy blocks he uses a hands-on treatment with his index finger, putting light pressure on specific points that he has identified as the priority problems.  In my case without my telling him the problem he honed into the area that had been causing me problems for several weeks – my neck and shoulders.  When he applied gentle pressure it was really painful, but the pain subsides shortly afterwards.

‘When I press a point on the body a message is sent to the brain to activate the healing repair mechanism. This treatment can pinpoint the root cause of emotional, psychological, physical and physiological symptoms in a patient. By using a combination of hands-on/hands-off manipulation techniques it can release long held blockages and memory patterns on a cellular level.  It can even transform a patient’s perception of their world by ‘rewiring’ the brain.’

His successes include people who have had serious depression, major illnesses, chronic fatigue syndrome, intolerances, physical injuries, and learning and development disorders. 

One woman told him at the fourth healing session that she had stopped riding on the top floor of double decker buses looking for vantage points to jump off. She had previously tried to commit suicide four times and suffered from clinical depression for years.

The name RaphaYad comes from the Hebrew Rapha (healing) and Yad (hand). The treatment is given while you’re fully clothed, sitting, standing or lying down according to what suits you.

It could take one session or it could take more to bring about a physical change or a shift in perception, but this is healing on a deep energetic level, tapping into the frequency of each individual. ‘We all have our own unique frequency – when two people are attracted to each other across a crowded room they are operating on an energetic level, attracted to each other’s frequencies.

‘Eventually people will understand the way we can interact and utilise healing on an energy level  as they currently accept how we can ring someone on a mobile phone across the world without the use of cables or wires.’

 Michael sums up, ‘Put simply when your energy is clear and flowing without restriction you naturally gravitate towards living life to its full potential.’

Michael Cohen practises at the RaphaYad Bioenergy Healing Clinic, 93-95 Gloucester Place, London W1,  0845 456 1336; http://www.bioenergyhealing.org.uk/; info@bioenergyhealing.org.uk
One  hour sessions start from £75.  Foundation training courses teach the primary techniques of RaphaYad Bioenergy Healing for use with friends and families, while a full practitioner course takes six months.

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