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I’d only heard good things about the bio-energy healer Seka Nikolic, and had interviewed her in the past. I went with an open mind for a healing session with her. The first thing that I noticed when I arrived was a notice saying you know more than you think.  I think this is probably very true, and reading Seka’s book later I am convinced that we all have the power to be ‘tuned in’ like she is.

For anyone who’s wary of healing there is no need to be. It was incredibly relaxing as I lay on the couch and Seka put her hands on me.  I am very sensitive to this kind of thing and immediately started feeling movement within my legs and a kind of tingling all over.  I had a few ailments, some of which I’d mentioned, some of which I hadn’t but I hadn’t said anything about my state of mind.

Seka picked up on the things I’d mentioned, and brought up one or two more which she was accurate about – old problems that I hadn’t mentioned. She also said exactly what I needed to hear about a number of issues that were bothering me, again about which I hadn’t told her. She seemed to assess the situation well, but when I started reading her book You Know More Than You Think I realised that it was part of her thinking – to try to be a neutral observer not analysing and not attached to an outcome – great idea but not always easy to achieve.

Seka was born in Sarajevo, lived a fairly normal life, apart from losing her mother at 18. One day at work she felt compelled to lay her hands on the shoulders of a colleague. He was in a wheelchair and as she stood touching him she felt considerable pain in her own body until she lifted her hands away. He was completely shocked, got out of his wheelchair and walked out of the room for the first time in years.

If this sounds incredible, maybe it is but it happens. There are plenty of sceptics about this kind of work – but imagine being the woman who tried for years to have a baby, trying every possible fertility treatment and ending up with one, two, three or even four children.  Seka has done plenty of work with women who are having problems conceiving. Some come to her as a last resort after multiple rounds of IVF, some have heard of her reputation and come to her before trying fertility treatments.

‘I try to find the reason why they’re not getting pregnant and whether the block is emotional or physical.  Women become very stressed when they go through IVF and stress makes the body less receptive. They often become obsessive about having a baby and stress builds up between partners,’ Seka explains.

‘Some people have tried everything and often couples have been told they will never have a baby. Sometimes we have success in one or two months.’

One couple went through IVF 10 times before going to see Seka. After 15 years of trying they are about to have a baby soon.  ‘ She came for five sessions in a week and it took one month for her to conceive. She didn’t believe it would be possible but she let go of her tension and gave me space to heal her.’  Another woman who wasn’t even ovulating now has four children.

The treatment initially consists of a session each day for five days for maximum impact. Most people have some sort of release in the first couple of days – crying, laughing, and other powerful emotions.  They need to take it easy at first and eat lightly and healthily but she finds that most people have settled down after a few days.

Seka’s book You Know More Than You Think demonstrates her conviction that we overlook the power of the mind. How many times have you thought of someone and they ring you the next day?  Why is it we believe in the technology for mobile phones but cannot grasp the concept of distance healing?  Seka believes we all have the power to be intuitive but we don’t acknowledge it.

Seka Nikolic practises near Finchley Road, London NW3,  www.sekanikolic.com

0207 443 5544.   Sessions cost £143 for half an hour.   

Books: You Know More Than You Think and You Can Heal Yourself by Seka Nikolic, are both available at Amazon. Click on the Amazon carousel on the home page.

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