New approach to dyslexia and ADHD

An interview with Mark Mathews of the Sunflower Trust

‘It’s too easy to label children with dyslexia and ADHD. People are like computers – if something is wired up incorrectly we don’t function. These children have plenty of other problems.’ Mark Mathews, Sunflower Trust

Mark Mathews set up the Sunflower Trust to help children with dyslexia, ADHD and other similar learning difficulties. He is dyslexic himself and takes an alternative approach to their problems which he believes are several. Mark is a trained osteopath and a human ecologist – he believes in creating the right environment physically, emotionally and mentally to allow children to make the most of themselves.

‘At Sunflower Trust we use applied kinesiology to find out exactly what the problems are – this involves testing muscles in reaction to various stimulus (see Therapies, Kinesiology).

‘For example, when a dyslexic child holds a pen their whole body might go weak. This is usually because they associate picking up the pen with past failures and so we have to reverse this response.

Looking at vulnerabilities

‘There are so many things they have to do which can prove difficult:

• Holding pen and paper
• Writing name
• Writing out alphabet
• Spelling
• Listening
• Reading
• Concentrating

‘If any of these are major issues there will be a related blocked meridian (the energy channel that runs through the body). Meridians mediate the mind, body and biochemistry, and different negative emotions block different organs and related muscles that don’t work well.

‘Young people need to be strong to deal with all of these things and we need to clear out their patterns of behaviour and connect with vulnerabilities. Of course all of these children have other emotional and social issues such as dealing with their brothers and sisters, so we organise homework with parents to help the family to handle challenges and to change their thinking.

Balancing the whole body

‘If the body’s ‘software’ has a bug in it – it won’t work properly. When anyone is stressed they use up their resources and there aren’t enough to go round.
‘Once we’ve established how the body is functioning we can start to correct imbalances. Initially we work on straightening up the skeleton and freeing up muscles and joints using cranial osteopathy and osteopathy.

‘When we have corrected imbalances in the body structure we look at all the body’s system – the glands, hormones, auto-immune, digestive, chemical and respiratory to ensure that they are being supported well enough to work well. When we have established what allergies and sensitivities they have we can introduce a programme of detoxing.

Changing to positive thinking

‘Then using Neuro-Linguistic Programming (see Therapies, NLP) we work to remove negative associations – such as when holding a pen – and replace them with positive ones. The aim is to auto-connect with their strength rather than their vulnerabilities.

The body’s atoms heal in a year

‘We may prescribe essential fatty acids, vitamins or minerals but all treatments are safe and natural and integrate well with each other. The key thing is that within a year 98 per cent of the atoms the body is made up have healed and grown so that the issues are no longer stored in there.’

The Sunflower Trust needs to raise funds to educate more doctors, chiropractors, and osteopaths so that they can carry out this work.

Mark Mathews, 01483 531498

Check out the Sunflower Trust: 0845 054 7509

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