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We all know how things can appear to be much better after a good night’s sleep. Poor sleep is linked to anxiety and depression and people can often find themselves in a vicious spiral where poor sleep leads to mental health problems, which lead to even worse sleep.

Research carried out at Carnegie Mellon University showed that you are three times more likely to catch a cold if you have less than seven hours sleep a night [1]. The benefit of sleep on the immune function is thought to be behind this.
Sleep is as important to health as good diet and exercise, yet eight in 10 people think they could sleep better according to a poll of 3,000 people by A.Vogel.

‘Not getting enough sleep is bad for you,’ said A.Vogel nutritional therapist and Healthy Soul expert, Ali Cullen. ‘It’s not through laziness that humans spend a third of their lives asleep. We need that regenerating time, and if we don’t get it then almost all areas of our health can unravel.

‘Avoiding sleep deprivation and achieving a good seven hours of shut-eye per night is a simple way of improving your health and everyday happiness.’

There are plenty of tips for sleeping well below, but be assured that a new mattress or bed can do wonders for your quality of slumber.

Tips for sleeping well

• Start by planning and sticking to a 90 minute unwinding period to allow your brain to download your day.
• Ban TV and your smart phone from the routine and instead relax with a good book or run a steamy bath with lavender oil.
• Place a lavender pouch on your bedside cabinet to create a relaxing aroma while you drift off.
• If your ‘to-do’ list keeps popping into your thoughts then keep a note pad close by to jot down any niggles to clear from your mind. Then you can deal with them in the morning.
• Some people find they sleep better with some herbal help. For a head start, use Dormeasan Valerian-Hops Sleep Remedy just before bed mixed with fruit juice or water.
• If you wake up feeling tired after seven hours’ sleep, you may not be going through a normal sleep cycle. Try Valerian to improve the quality of your sleep.

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[1] Cohen S et al. Arch Intern Med 2009; 169: 62-67


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