The power of oxygen to heal

Inside the hyperbaric oxygen chamber at A Breath for Life.

There are so many chronic conditions that can be improved by extra oxygen within a hyperbaric chamber that enables people to breathe in oxygen at greater than atmospheric pressure (the same oxygen with nothing added). We have all become aware that oxygen has been vital for people in hospital with COVID-19.

Brain injuries, including cerebral palsy are notoriously difficult conditions to manage successfully. HBOT is not a cure but can improve predicted outcomes. By oxygenating brain tissue, new capillary growth is encouraged, brain synapses are re-connected and swelling reduced.

A Breath for Life is a registered charity providing hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT) to both children and adults. Hyperbaric chambers have been used for many years in the offshore diving industry.  See the video.

Just £5 can help

Professor Philip James of Dundee University and A Breath for Life Honorary Medical Advisor said ‘Giving more oxygen is not alternative medicine, it is sound science and common sense. There is no substitute for oxygen’.  Please give donations at:

Breathing oxygen under pressure allows all body cells to be bathed in oxygen. As oxygen is a primary healer, tissue is given the best environment in which to heal. HBOT has been a neglected modality for too long. It is a false hope to believe that drugs will cure when tissues lack oxygen. Most diseases and injuries suffer from a lack of oxygen but there has been little or no understanding by medical personnel of the healing power of breathing oxygen under pressure.

Treatment has four main functions:-

1. Makes blood oxygen rich — infusing the plasma as well as the red blood cells with oxygen.
2. Reduces swelling and inflammation.
3. Eliminates infection.
4. Encourages the growth and production of stem cells.

A Breath for Life was established in 1998 primarily to treat children suffering from cerebral palsy and the charity has witnessed some incredible responses to treatment during that time. We soon became aware of the healing power of oxygen and as a result opened our doors to adults suffering from multiple sclerosis, stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, early Alzheimer’s Disease, Lyme Disease and all manner of sporting injuries, and following research involving autistic children we have seen more of them recently.

We do not claim that HBOT will cure all illness but will aid recovery. Where we do have considerable success is treating chronic infections as oxygen acts as an anti-microbial. The polymicrobial nature of diabetic leg ulcers make orthodox treatments difficult and often unsuccessful. After a course of HBOT, infections are cleared, tissue begins to granulate and healing occurs.

So why is HBOT not more widely used? Part of the problem is lack of education in medical schools. The National Institute of Clinical Excellence ( NICE) only recommend HBOT for a limited number of conditions, primarily decompression sickness and carbon monoxide poisoning. As a result fundholding GPs are reluctant to prescribe a course of HBOT for their patients and in addition there are only a few chambers in the country designated for clinical use.

Consequently, most of our patients self-refer after doing their own research. A Breath for Life patients are asked to donate a minimum of £20 per treatment for adults and £10 for children, to cover ongoing costs. However,we would never turn away a child in need.

Antibiotic resistance is reaching crisis point and Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer, has predicted a return to widespread sepsis as experienced before the introduction of penicillin, maybe we will see a greater interest in HBOT. Once a chamber is established, HBOT is the safest, most cost efficient treatment available to the NHS and has no side effects.

For more information contact: Jane Dean ( Hon.Chairman), A Breath for Life,, 01524 855422. Email:

You tube:- A Breath for Life VIDEO.

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