Top ten holiday tips

Packing for a holiday has become a whole lot more difficult in recent years due to security measures at airports. You aren’t allowed to take water through customs so you have to pay airport prices if you want a few bottles on your flight.

And you have to be careful about any liquids, make-up and other things that you try to take on board or they are confiscated! If you put them in a see-through plastic bag you can carry on little bottles of essential oils provided it’s not too many.

So presented with a much more limited choice what are the essentials for your natural remedy kit?

Rescue Remedy: a mixture of flower essences which has an immediate calming effect. Put a few drops on your tongue for fear of flying, anxiety about the trip or shock after an accident.

Echinacea: popular herbal remedy for keeping away colds and flu and boosting the immune system. Start taking before a long-haul flight to avoid picking up germs, if going somewhere where hygiene is poor, or if feeling ill.

Probiotics: prevention can be better than cure. Probiotics help to build up healthy bacteria in the gut and arm our systems against food-poisoning bugs. Live yoghourt contains probiotics as do acidophilus tablets.

Arnica: Tablets and cream help to heal bruises even if you can’t see them, so if you fall or have any accident start taking them straightaway. They also help to ease shock and can be taken if the outward journey is gruelling.

Lavender oil: all purpose essential oil with many healing properties. Use neat for bites, stings, and spots. Dilute in tepid water or buy lavender gel for sunburn or bruises. Has a calming effect if a few drops are put on the bath or on a tissue under the pillow.

Healthy Soul tip: Jellyfish stings

If you ever get stung by a jellyfish there are two remedies – one is vinegar on the site of the sting as quickly as possible – the pain goes immediately and the redness drains away. OR you can get a male to urinate on it! It has the same effect as vinegar.



More for your holiday kit if you can fit it in:

Travellers Kit: 18 homeopathic remedies with everything you’re likely to need when you’re away including Nux vom, Arnica, and Belladonna.

Calendula courtesy of A. Vogel

Calendula and Aloe Vera: the healing powers of Calendula (Marigold) which helps rough skin and soothing Aloe Vera are perfect for moisturising at the end of a day in the sun.

Tea tree oil – great disinfectant, helps to heal stings, bites and cuts and keeps bugs away.

Neem herbal spray: there are always plenty of bugs in warm countries in the day and at night so a herbal spray keeps them at bay!

Peppermint capsules or tablets: brilliant for that awful bloated feeling when the stomach starts feeling gripey – either after a meal or when you’re starving.

Chamomile Tea: It soothes a sore, bloated stomach, can be used cooled to soothe burnt skin, helps you to wind down and sleep, and calms your nerves, so it’s well worth having with you.

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