Under pressure – computer hands

How much pressure are your hands under

  • 40 words a minute
    12,000 keys per hour
    96,000 keys per eight hour day
  • 8 ounces of force per key
    16-25 tons of force each day

One of the biggest causes of back pain is the use of computers and keyboards, and the above infographic shows you how much pressure your hands are under.  Sitting at a desk all day long, tapping on the keyboard and peering at a screen is not what our bodies were designed to do. As a result we can get tight and painful shoulders, RSI in the hand and wrist, carpal tunnel syndrome, and even arthritis in the hands.

The cost of RSIOne of the main problems is the way that people lean in to their screen to look at or read what’s on there, rounding the shoulders and putting pressure on the back. The best position is upright on a good chair that supports your back, with feet flat on the floor, and preferably the keyboard or laptop on a desk in front of you, not on your lap. It was designed for your lap, but your body wasn’t designed to cope with it!

Plenty of offices now provide standing desks, that can be at the right height for sitting, or enable you to have a choice of standing while you work, which is surprisingly good for your back and posture.

The Alexander Technique is a good discipline for understanding and being aware of how you put pressure on your back. A good teacher can work with you to show you how you are causing unnecessary strain.

Penclic Infographic-stereo typingAlso, you can try ergonomic products, such as a Back Friend on your chair which enables your back to be correctly positioned.

Or Penclic’s Mini Keyboard, either wireless or connected, which is said to prevent RSI. It’s small and can be easily moved around the desk to ensure that hands and wrists are more comfortable, and what’s a big boon is that the keys are light to touch so you don’t find yourself bashing down on them and putting pressure on fingers.



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