Patrick Holford’s Feel Good Factor

Feeling just ‘alright’ is not all right, according to Patrick Holford, nutritionist, author, broadcaster and director of the Brain Bio Centre  He surveyed 55,000 Britons to find out what makes them leap out of bed in the morning with enthusiasm, a consistent good mood and a sharp mind.

The Brain Bio Centre works with people who have depression, anxiety, insomnia, and dementia, who have been helped by making lifestyle and diet changes.  In the large survey Patrick and his team found that:

  • one in eight people complain of low energy
  • one in two often feel depressed
  • and 47 per cent have difficulty concentrating.

Patrick has written The Feel Good Factor book and is on tour around the UK to give people tips about how to improve their energy and develop the feel good factor.  (See the Amazon carousel on the home page to buy this book).

These are the topics he’s covering:

•           How to increase your mental energy and motivation

•           10 proven ways to improve your mood

•           The secret to keeping your memory sharp

•           How to increase your ability to stay focused

•           How to stop your brain shrinkage

Patrick is a prolific author and has written many books about diet, nutrition, and preventing serious illness. See the Amazon carousel below.  Find out more from

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