Relaxation tips

Now more than ever people are suffering from anxiety and depression. Mental health problems have soared during COVID-19, due to lockdown, fears about jobs, loneliness, a feeling of hopelessness, fear and much more. Now is the time we really need to take care of ourselves.

1.relaxing bath WALK: Go for a walk – 20 minutes or so alone and preferably in countryside or in a park.

2. BATHE: Lie in a hot bath for 20 minutes with a fantastic combination of a handful of Epsom salts, (or other pure salts), half a cup of bicarbonate of soda, and 10 drops of lavender oil (or other soothing oil like geranium or ylang ylang.

3. YOGA: Stretching helps the body to stay flexible, but yoga has other elements as well. Relaxation and breathing mean that a yoga session is calming too.

4. BREATHING:  Try yoga breathing – alternative nostril breath or simply lie down, breathe in through the whole diaphragm to a count of four, and breathe out for a count of four.

5. MEDITATION: Learn to meditate. Just close your eyes, sit still and repeat a mantra or even one, two, one, two to keep your mind focused.

5. CALMING: Take Rescue Remedy after a shock or when you’re feeling generally anxious or stressed. The pastilles are good.

6. DRINKING & EATING:  Try to avoid stimulants with caffeine in (coffee) and too much alcohol. Eat healthy meals with plenty of fruit and veg.

7. LYING DOWN:  Lie in the semi-supine position (knees bent and a couple of paperbacks under your head). This is an Alexander Technique position, better done on the floor or a massage table. Close your eyes and let your muscles relax.

9. SLEEPING: At night put lavender drops on a tissue to calm you down and help you have a restful sleep.

10. T’AI CHI: Take up t’ai chi – moving meditation, which energises you and makes you feel calm.

TIP: When you’re feeling really panicky, try A. Vogel Stress Relief. It helps you to feel more normal without making you drowsy.

See Relax, Relax, Relax. 

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