White teeth the natural way

teethThese days the majority of celebrities have beautiful straight white teeth because these are part of their image. The dentist suggested I had my teeth whitened to match the new white crown I was having, but I kept deliberating and finally didn’t do it. The idea of having chlorine in my mouth was not good, although most people say that you can’t taste it. I was also concerned about swallowing it, so I decided against it.

The most natural way of whitening your teeth is with activated charcoal which naturally dissolves the discolouration. So initially I bought charcoal powder, which obviously is black. This was a very messy affair so I gave up after a short time.

Now it’s possible to get charcoal based toothpaste which, although black, is far less messy. The Ben & Anna Black Toothpaste  (with activated charcoal) comes in a jar. It contains sea buckthorn and chamomile which protect your teeth, natural mint for a fresh taste and the activated charcoal.

There are other ways of enhancing the look of your teeth and improving your health and that includes having the dental amalgam taken out of your mouth. This is a long and fairly expensive process, but it’s worthwhile to know that you no longer have mercury in your system – one of the most poisonous substances known to man. It can leak into the system and has been held responsible for a variety of health issues such as kidney and mental health problems. See the Healthy Soul article: Mouthful of Mercury. 

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