The Functional Doctor

Dr Georges Mouton, internationally renowned pioneer of functional medicine

Imagine going to see your GP because you’re feeling tired and they give you not only a blood test, but test your urine, saliva, stool and hair as well. This is standard practice for Dr Georges Mouton, the Belgian functional doctor, who practises at the Hale Clinic in London.

‘If you hear a noise in your car you take it to the mechanic to see what is wrong with it. You don’t wait until you are stuck in the middle of nowhere and it breaks down,’ says Dr Mouton.

‘For some reason many people do not do the same with their bodies. It is at the point where they get little complaints that they need to get some medical attention. Otherwise they wait until illness becomes chronic and they need drugs. If they went down the preventative route they would be able to prevent degenerative disease like cancer, heart disease, strokes and auto-immune diseases.’

Dr Georges Mouton is an internationally renowned functional doctor, who practises in London, Madrid and Brussels. His clients include elite athletes to whom good health is absolutely crucial to success. He aims to correct abnormalities in metabolism which could be behind a range of symptoms including feeling tired and lethargic. He looks at lifestyle, diet and supplements to help his patients get back to optimum health.

The efficacy of probiotics

He is a great believer in different strains of probiotics to deal with specific health problems, ‘Intestinal health is fundamental to immunity because the majority of the immune cells are in the gut. Not only do probiotics improve digestive health but they also maintain healthy skin, liver and immune system. They fight infection, candida, helicobacter pylori, and even C. difficile (the hospital acquired infection) and AIDs.

Mouton claims that C. diff could be wiped out of UK hospitals if probiotics were issued to all patients who weren’t in intensive care, in addition to an excellent cleaning protocol. ‘Hospitals in the Netherlands do not have these problems because they are spotless. Their white coats are washed every day and patients’ bags regularly cleaned out.’

He also believes in prescribing probiotics at the same time as prescribing antibiotics, which is common practice in Australia. However, he doesn’t favour yoghurt or sweet drinks as a source of probiotics as so many of the patients he sees are allergic to dairy products. Sweeteners such as Aspartame have their own health issues and not a good substitute for sugar.

‘While technology moves all around us at an incredibly fast pace – just look at your PC, your mobile phone – general practice has stood still. If you go to your doctor with a problem the chances are you will not only receive the same treatment that your parent was given, but also the same as your grandfather was given.’

Mouton lectures regularly about intestinal health, fatty acids, liver detoxification, endocrine imbalances and other “functional” topics throughout Europe, America and Asia. He recently spoke at the Anti-Ageing Medicine World Congress (AAMWC) in Paris.

He also trains nutritional therapists in functional medicine, and his approach includes diet and nutritional counselling, combined with supplementation of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, probiotics, trace elements, fatty acids, antioxidants and natural hormones. The treatment is mainly drug-free, although orthodox medicine is used when necessary.

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