Effortless living

A Path to WisdomWe live in a world that is fast paced, noisy and extremely demanding of our time, attention and presence. A world in which people have forgotten who they truly are. Not being in the flow, nor present and not being able to listen to our own intuition has become many peoples default way of being.

Some of the common problems that prevent people from being in the flow of life are: deep rooted fears, limiting beliefs, giving power away, control issues, identity crisis, subordinating to other peoples values, as well as the lack of understanding of the connection of the body, mind, soul, and emotions. Most people are not aware of their fears, triggers and the subconscious programming that prevent them from living balanced, healthy and peaceful life.

Every day we have on average 60,000 to 90,000 thoughts. These thoughts influence how you feel, behave and the outcomes you create. How you feel, informs the decisions you make. Therefore, knowing what thoughts regularly occupy space in your brain and ultimately drive your decisions, is important. Our thoughts are also influenced by the information we let in. It should come as no surprise, living in the era of the 24 hour news cycle, that for most of you, the majority of your thoughts include some kind of doubt, fear and distrust.

Most people operate from some level of fear most of the time, therefore, deciphering between fear and other emotions can be challenging. I find this especially true when it comes to understanding the difference between fear and intuition.

Intuition is a knowing. It is beyond a feeling. It seems to come as guided wisdom from a place deep within our consciousness. Intuition is emotionally neutral and simple, yet deliberate in its message. A dedicated meditation practice, can quiet fearful mind chatter allowing you to hear the voice of your intuition more clearly.

Another great tool that people can learn through learning my unique methodology that I share in my book A Path to Wisdom is to help the reader differentiate the voice of intuition from other voices including the voice of fear.

The way of determining what voice you are hearing, is to pay attention to the tone of the message you are sending or receiving. Fear speaks in a harsh, judgmental tone and may present you with a detailed list of all of the horrible things that might happen. The more familiar you become with the voice of fear inside your mind, the more quickly you can recognize it and shut it down and be in the effortless state of being.

Having worked with many clients I notice how they look away from fear, as over the years for many of them this way of being has become their natural defence against the discomfort of feeling it.

I help and encourage my clients to go through a process in which they lean in instead of pushing away from fear. They learn to listen closely to the messages that the fear gives them and learn how to make their fear their teacher. As they learn how to dance with their fear, they start to experience and enter the realm and the rhythm of miracle living.

The method I have developed that the readers can learn in my book A Path to Wisdom helps people to better distinguish and know the fear voice. As they do, the easier it will be for them to tap into the power of their intuition and effortless living.


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