Rosemary key to long life in Italy

RosemaryA small village on the Cilentan coast, Acciaroli is home to a large community of centenarians – one in ten residents is over one hundred years old, and standards of health are excellent.

So what is the key? Conversely, they aren’t especially health-conscious either. Tobacco use is commonplace and so is alcohol consumption. They deny themselves no earthly pleasure: they’re not just living longer lives – they’re living what some might call the good life.

They found that, while the residents enjoy the benefits of a classical Mediterranean diet, they also consume large quantities of rosemary. Scientists and researchers investigating the longevity of Acciaroli’s elderly residents found that rosmarinic acid, the plant’s active ingredient, include:

• antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic and memory-boosting qualities;View More:
• naturally forming glucosamine, which has been found to have joint-reinforcing qualities.

So David Spencer Percival gave up his day job as the boss of a recruitment company and developed No. 1 Rosemary Water a drink containing rosemary that provides all the health properties of the rosemary herb.

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