Top Christmas tummy tips

water glassLike no other time of year Christmas brings with it lots of parties and plenty of little canapes, alcohol, and chocolates.  For some people it’s more than their tummies can stand.  So the best thing is to build up your digestive system before you get to the Christmas period.

• Prepare the digestive system with a daily probiotic that ensures your gut is inhabited by ‘friendly’ bacteria. Prebiotics also lay the foundations for probiotics to flourish in the gut.

• Drink plenty of water at all times, and have a few alcohol free days.  Fizzy drinks also affect the stomach by encouraging bloating, so keep them to a minimum.
• Try to avoid pastries at parties if your stomach often gets bloated.  Take digestive enzymes whenever you feel that food is rich and might upset your stomach.
• In between parties and big meals eat lightly with plenty of vegetables, wholegrains, and home-made soups.

Natural remedies
Milk thistle supports the liver which has to cope with all the extra alcohol and food. (It’s a herbal remedy so take advice from a GP or herbalist if on medication.)
• Oil of peppermint soothes IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and peppermint capsules can be a great help when your stomach starts to hurt.
Nux vomica is a homeopathic remedy which is good for indigestion, feeling queasy, and stomach pain. Don’t take peppermint or coffee when you are taking homeopathic remedies and avoid food or drink for 20 minutes before and after taking them.
Peppermint, ginger, fennel and chamomile teas are excellent for calming down stomachs, as are the many detox teas on the market.


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