Chuckling goats’ kefir for eczema

chuckling goatsMany moons ago on a Turkish boat I tried something which I was told was like yogurt. It was kefir and I thought it was vile. All these years later I have come across kefir in a completely different way. You may have heard Shann Jones on BBC Radio 2’s Steve Wright Show. She is American, married to a Welsh farmer, and because her son had eczema they decided to get a goat and ensure that he had goat’s milk products instead of cow’s milk which can exacerbate the condition.

Out of the goat’s milk Shann decided to make soap and skin cream which cleared her son’s eczema. They also found out how to make the live culture kefir which is quite prevalent in Eastern Europe. It is a natural probiotic which has very strong powers to heal the gut and repopulate it with healthy bacteria. It still tastes vile but it’s incredibly effective.

Rich, Shann’s husband, went into hospital for a major operation and when he returned home he had a large incision that was infected with MRSA. Shann used essential oils and Manuka honey on the wound and completely cleared the infection.

Now they have 55 goats and a thriving online business where you can buy a 21 day supply of Kefir, special soaps containing essential oils and a kefir cream to put on the skin. And they have lots of success stories, some of which will appear on this website soon. It’s not just skin conditions that can be helped. As so many health issues come from an unhealthy gut, people have found that it can be helpful for psoriasis, acne, eczema, IBS, and osteoarthritis, etc.

Shann says of eczema, ‘Steroid creams alone never resolve the problem, because it’s not a skin condition, it’s a gut disorder.’ She has had many people writing in with photos – like these ones here of eczema that has healed after a course of kefir.

Research is currently going on into the healing powers of kefir.

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