Eat berries for superhealth

Raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, cranberries are full of healthy nutrients and are claimed by Patrick Holford to be the ‘superfood’.According to leading nutritionist, broadcaster and founder of the Institute for Optimum Nutrition, Patrick Holford, ‘Berries are the superfood of the century. Packed with essential nutrients, berries are the best fruit to include in your diet.’

A survey by Medix found that only 27 per cent of doctors consider nutrition to be important so most are unlikely to give the kind of advice than can lead to optimum health.

Ten reasons to eat berries

1. Antioxidants for anti-ageing: Full of anti-ageing antioxidants berries improve circulation to the skin, resulting in a ‘youthful and attractive glow’.

2. Burn fat and lose weight: because berries have the slowest releasing natural sugars they help to cut down cravings for sugar that make blood sugar levels fluctuate.

3. Prevent cancer: they are full of powerful anti-cancer nutrients – particularly strawberries and raspberries for inhibiting cancer of the cervix, mouth, and oesophagus.

4. Reduce chances of heart attack or strokes: loaded with folic acid which is needed to keep homocysteine levels down (see and protect arteries from damage. High levels of Vitamin C help to keep cholesterol at safe levels.

5. Improve memory and prevent Alzheimers: because they contain high levels of folic acid which helps to reverse memory decline and sharpen concentration.

6. Boost the immune system: the folic acid and Vitamin C means plenty of antioxidants to keep your defences high.

7. Improves libido in men: raspberries and strawberries are high in zinc, a vital mineral which men need to maintain an erection for longer. Blueberries and blackberries contain an antioxidant that helps to ensure smooth blood flow to the genitals!

8. Avoid varicose veins: high quercitin levels in berries, particularly strawberries and cranberries, and other bioflavonoids improves the health of capillaries and connective tissues all over the body, including in the veins of the legs.

9. Increased vitality: red fruit sends energy boosting messages to the brain, and by helping to keep blood sugar levels balanced there are no dips in energy.

10. Relax and sleep: high in magnesium which helps to relax the muscles in the nervous system.

Just five strawberries (100g) gives 100 per cent of the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C!

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