Love Linda McCartney campaign celebrates vegetarianism

Some 5 per cent of the UK population is already vegetarian and research from thefoodpeople predicts that in the next two years this will reach 10 per cent. What is becoming quite normal is for people to choose to have meat-free meals for one or two days a week.
The two reasons given for this are:
• that there is scientific proof that eating less meat reduces the likelihood of death from heart disease, some cancers, and diabetes;
• world-leading chefs have embraced the idea of vegetarian food for its diversity, taste and health benefits.

Charles Banks, Director of The Food People says, ‘Twenty years ago vegetarianism was scoffed at, but of late there has been a seismic shift in attitudes towards celebrating vegetables and opting to eat less meat.’

Many celebrities have promoted vegetarian eating and it is claimed that there will be
more vegetarian restaurants, more restaurants with creative vegetarian dishes as part of the regular menu, more naturally tasty pre-prepared vegetarian convenience food in supermarkets as well as an overall greater acceptance of the vegetarian diet and its associated benefits.

The research ‘Changing Face of Vegetarianism’ was commissioned by Linda McCartney Foods as part of a LOVE LINDA campaign the brand and the McCartney family are launching to remember Linda’s life and the great influence she had in getting people to eat less meat.

The foundation of Meat Free Monday was made by the McCartney Family in 2009 was pivotal in putting the international spotlight on the state of vegetarianism. A movement steered by Sir Paul, Stella and Mary, MFM now has almost 1,000,000 supporters worldwide.

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