Superfoods or balanced diet?

Superfoods or balanced dietDiet is the most important factor in maintaining a healthy and long lasting life. A balanced diet is essential to reduce the chance of illness, obesity, and diabetes. A healthy diet benefits you in all aspects of your life from home to work. Yet not all foods are equal in their nutritional benefits. But are superfoods more beneficial thanĀ  a balanced diet?

Superfoods are known have cancer preventive properties. The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (CDCF) made a list of cancer fighting food. These include blueberries for their high antioxidant power, Broccoli for vitamins such as C and K and dark leafy vegetables, which scientists believe inhibit the growth of certain types of cancer cells include breast cancer and skin cancer.

The NHS recommend eating 5 x 80g portions of fruit and vegetables a day due to the health benefits. These include a lower risk of heart disease, stroke and as previously mentioned some cancers. For some people getting the minimum 5 a day can be challenging and dull. Yet there are many examples online of inventive and tasty ways to get your fill of fruit and vegetables.

According to the European Food Information Council labelling foods as superfoods can be misleading. In the media foods such as blueberries and pomegranates are pushed forward as being superior, yet carrots and apples have just as much nutritional and health benefits. They conclude that it there is a need to increase the range of nutritional foods rather than focus on a few considered super. Public knowledge is key to improving healthy eating habits.

The European Food Information Council did a Europe wide survey that stated that the United Kingdom was the most knowledgeable about nutrition. While these surveys show that public awareness of healthy eating is high there still needs to be a bigger push to educating the benefits of balanced diets and superfoods. One way this can be done is through public awareness through the media.

Leading celebrity chef Jamie Oliver is a big fan of superfoods. He champions everyday healthy eating and has published superfood specific cookbooks to provide tips and recipes. One area that he is particularly devoted to is raising awareness of the importance of water in our diet. In many ways water is the ultimate superfood, as without it we would die. He states that when people think they are hungry they likely to be dehydrated. Drinking water can stop us from over eating.

Superfoods do have health benefits such as the ability to fight off cancer cells yet it is vital that they are part of a balanced diet. As long as you are eating the right amount of fruit and vegetables a day your body will be healthier.

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