Top health tips

Eat porridge and wholegrains for long life. More research into eating plenty of fibre has found that eating fibre-rich foods like porridge mean that you are less likely to die prematurely.  The study of nearly 400,000 people in the US found that whole grains like oatmeal, wild and brown rice, fruit and vegetables had best results.  Read Sowing  Wild Oats.

Learn a second language to keep your brain active. Apparently speaking more than one language increases brain power and delays Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers at the York University in Toronto found that a second language was more effective than doing crosswords or Sudoko.  

Cut down on red meat: on the one hand it’s good for you as a great source of iron and zinc, but too much can be cancer causing scientists have declared. The Government is going to issue warnings about this, but it’s only for excessive amounts – 70g or three bacon rashers will be the recommended maximum level per day. Eating organic avoids traces of routine medication in animals.

Lavender oil for athlete’s foot: persistent athlete’s foot can become resistant to creams, but researchers at the Coimbra University in Portugal found that the antifungal properties of lavender work well against the fungus that causes nail infections, ringworm and athlete’s foot. Read more in Aromatherapy oils have so many uses.

Drink a moderate amount of red wine but the key is ‘moderate’. At a time when the number of people with liver disease has doubled, it is only red wine that offers protection to the heart when drunk in moderation – up to two glasses a day.

Limit high energy drinks which are packed with caffeine. I was shocked when I gave a talk to some schoolgirls about how to cope with exams. Quite a few of them took caffeine tablets to keep them going, at a time when they should be limiting caffeine. There is a tendency for teenagers to over-consume these drinks and recent research at the University of Miami found that high-caffeine drinks could cause strokes or seizures in children, especially if they have diabetes or behaviour disorders.

Take zinc for a cold as Indian scientists found that it could make it last for less time. Zinc has numerous other health benefits such as: fighting infection, normal growth in children, healthy hair, skin and nails, and for men healthy sperm and prostate gland.  Conversely, not enough zinc can lead to skin rashes, hair falling out, lethargy, sleep disturbance, infections, night blindness, loss of smell and taste, and more.   Read Vitamins and Minerals Chart.

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