Women need more iron

woman youngThe symptoms of low iron are:

  • Fatigue
  • Low energy
  • Difficulty with concentration
  • Cognitive problems
  • Heart palpitations
  • Shortness of breath after exertion
  • Concave fingernails

Women need more iron

Women – Iron is the only mineral where women’s requirements are greater than men’s, this is due to menstrual blood loss and pregnancy. Iron is a one of the difficult minerals for the body to absorb.

Pregnant Women – can be prone to low iron levels because your baby needs the iron it gets from you to grow and develop. Iron deficiency is common in women carrying twins, vegetarians or women who are having pregnancies close together. An adult woman needs to absorb between 1.5 – 2mg of iron per day. For a pregnant woman, this can increase to 2 – 4mg in the second trimester and 3 – 6mg in the third trimester.

Women who exercise – runners especially need to ensure appropriate iron intake because of ‘foot strike’ hemolysis (repeated pounding of the feet on a hard surface which can damage red blood cells) and iron loss through sweating and urine.

Over 60s – As we get older, our capacity to absorb iron diminishes. This coupled with a reduction in appetite can lead to less than ideal iron levels.

SpaTone Apple  contains Spatone® spa water that is rich in iron from the Snowdonia National Park. Iron is more easily absorbed with Vitamin C so apple juice has been incorporated in Spatone Apple.  It’s a great way of taking it because it doesn’t make you constipated, which some iron tablets can do.

Good sources of iron in your diet include red meat, whole grains, pulses, nuts, green leafy vegetables and dried fruit, but it can be difficult to absorb – needing Vitamin C to make it more absorbable.   Young women are often at risk of low iron levels because of losing it through their periods.

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