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Some shocking facts about cosmetics

Do you ever think about what you put on your face every day as you do your make up?  And do you expect them to be tested on animals?  Here are a few facts:

• Everything you put on your skin is absorbed into the bloodstream.
• Many cosmetics contain chemicals that can have harmful side-effects.
• One ingredient, ‘Parfum’ is a very vague term but often consists of several chemicals that can accumulate in body tissue.
• Ninety-three per cent of women use lipstick BUT in their lifetimes they consume about 2lb of it through their mouths.
• Lipstick colouring is often made from cochineal – crushed beetle-like insects.

  • A long list of the best known cosmetics manufacturers still test their products on animals. 

If we used these cosmetics occasionally they wouldn’t cause many problems but the cumulative use of them over years of our lives means that the chemicals are embedded in our bodies and may be weakening our defence systems.

The cumulative effect of many of these chemicals can cause premature ageing, disruption to hormones, allergic reactions, birth defects in babies and serious skin conditions and illnesses.

What are the chemicals?


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