Why we don’t want GM

Most of the British public are really adamant that they don’t want genetically modified food products. So much so that when GM products first came into the UK there was such an outcry by the public that all the supermarkets ensured that they didn’t sell anything under their own label that had GM ingredients.

Apparently one quarter of agricultural land worldwide is now given over to genetically modified crops. So they are rife around the world but not here.

Just why we are all so against GM is not clear and most people don’t exactly know why either. But most of us feel instinctively that we do not want our food meddled with. And because of precedents we don’t always trust scientists when it comes to our best interests.

So it is of considerable concern to find that the GM industry has been lobbying parliament insisting that GM crops are a solution to the global food crisis. This seems like a result of big marketing and PR budgets, which opponents do not have. Yet there is no evidence that GM increases yields.

Some of the objections to GM include the ability of crops to damage wildlife and farmland and for bees to spread the pollen on to nearby organic crops. One of the principals of organic farming is that produce cannot be genetically modified.

Unfortunately so far there is no big money behind sustainable and/or organic farming and it is corporate giants who are involved in GM. The only answer is for the public to stand firm and make sure that their MPs do too. To find out more about GM and to make your voice heard go to: Friends of the Earth, http://www.foe.co.uk/