Stay healthy and beautiful

It’s much easier to look lovely in your 20s when your skin is soft and smooth and you haven’t become weathered by time. So how can you maintain a shapely and toned body and good skin as you get older?

Live Long and Healthily

Living a long life may not always be a good thing – many people spend their final years in pain or virtually immobile.   Many people over 50 are on medication that they will take for the rest of their lives, which often leads to side-effects. Then the doctor may prescribe more medication to cope with side-effects, and so it goes on.

Instead of treating symptoms as they turn up a proactive approach to your health involves taking the right supplements, eating healthily and exercising to prevent major problems.

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Eating and drinking healthily:

• Drinking eight glasses of spring or filtered water a day flushes out toxins and lubricates all the organs of the body.
• Try to have three regular meals a day with plenty of (organic) fruit and vegetables.
• Cut down on sugar, salt, and refined foods (such as white bread).
• Drink less tea and coffee and try herbal teas instead.
• Try to stick to government guidelines on drinking alcohol – for a woman this is 14 units (glasses of wine) a week.
• Take a good multivitamin/mineral that is appropriate to your age.
• Don’t smoke as it ages your voice, makes your skin go yellow and can kill you.


Exercise mind and body: 

Remaining active is one of the best indicators for a healthy old age – both mentally and physically.

• Just walking for 20 minutes a day five times a week helps to prevent heart disease, diabetes, cancer, depression and obesity.
• Keep mentally active by reading, doing crosswords, socialising, or taking up  a hobby.
• Take the herbal remedy Ginkgo regularly as it ensures a healthy blood flow to the brain.
• Pilates and yoga are great exercises for keeping the body toned and you can do them throughout life into old age.

Avoid toxic chemicals

• Many cosmetics and household cleansers contain harmful toxins – choose natural ingredients that help to keep you healthy.  You can find household cleaning products in the supermarket without phtalates which damage the environment and other harsh chemicals that aren’t good for your skin. Watch this space for more details on chemical-free cosmetics.

Having a positive approach to life and not storing up grievances helps people to be happier and healthier in old age.

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