Finding an alternative – PMS

Do you feel like throwing things, or storm around the house wondering why everyone is so untidy, or perhaps you just want to cry?  Sometimes you feel like walking out or picking an argument, you might even be a completely different person before a period from who you normally are.  Sue Leach, practising homeopath, provides some helpful advice.

Is this you?

• Tired, feeling dragged down by everything, craving chocolate and everything is a chore. A normally organised person but when pre-menstrual feels harassed and in desperate need of peace and quiet.  Banging doors, stomping around the house and feeling like a martyr.  Benefits from exercise, but is definitely off sex.  Sepia  is the answer.
• Feels tearful and weepy and everything and everyone upsets, hurts and offends you.  If your partner is late home it feels like the end of the world.Pulsatilla  can help.
• Angry, irritable, completely unreasonable, feel there’s never enough time and could even resort to road rage.    When not pre-menstrual ambitious for whole family, go-getting, good at juggling normally, and more laid back.   Nux vomica    is right for these symptoms.
• Someone who feels spiteful and malicious before a period and can feel irrationally jealous, to the point of checking their partner’s phone or emails. Once the period comes they cannot believe they’ve behaved so badly. Lachesis   is great for these symptoms.
• Weepy, loss of confidence, insecure about abilities as a parent, and irritable with the family. Feel so bad that could even consider leaving home. Conversely is very domineering and overbearing.  Lycopodium   fits the bill.
• Yes Chocolate is a homeopathic remedy for someone who craves chocolate, but is also very romantic under normal circumstances.  With PMS feels isolated, unloved and rejected, and nostalgic when hearing a romantic song.  Although they may say ‘Don’t ever leave me,’ they may be the one that leaves!  Feels much better for eating chocolate.  Chocolate is the remedy to take.

Sue says, ‘You can try 30c remedies, but they may not be strong enough, so better still consult a professional homeopath.’

Sue’s herbal tips:

• Agnus castus helps to regulate the cycle and calm it down, easing PMS
• Cramp Bark ‘take as soon as you get menstrual cramps’ every four hours for two days.

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