PMS solutions

From a young age until menopause a woman can experience pre-menstrual tension which can make them feel emotional, angry, depressed, uncomfortable, bloated and much more.   Sometimes these last for as much as a week, or even more and interfere with daily life.

There’s plenty that can be done to ease symptoms by changing diet (See PMS can be prevented with Ian Marber).
Here are some other solutions:

Breast tenderness

Be aware of regular changes in the breasts and see a doctor if you are worried about unusual lumps.  Breasts usually get sore up to a week before a period.

  • Agnus castus helps to rebalance hormones and helps with breast tenderness and mood swings, according to homeopath Beth Maceoin. Take it in the morning when the pituitary gland – which controls female sex hormones – is more responsive. If breasts are tender every month follow a low fat diet, rich in seeds, nuts, and oily fish.
  • Lachesis homeopathic remedy helps if the pain is more on the left and gets worse from ovulation onwards. ‘It suits women whose pre-menstrual symptoms disappear as if by magic as soon as their period starts, Beth says.

Buy homeopathic remedies in the 6c potency and take three times a day for two to three days, stopping when symptoms improve.’

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  • A dessertspoon of golden linseeds with cereal cleanses and loosens the bowels, followed by two glasses of water to flush it through
  • Two cups of dandelion tea each day releases fluid.
  • According to homeopath Beth Maceoin, Lycopodium for bloating which gets worse as the afternoon goes on with gas, rumbling and constipation.
  • Nat mur for fluid retention, headaches, feeling withdrawn and run down, particularly if cold sores are also a problem, according to Beth.
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  • Take a multi-vitamin supplement with 20 to 30mg zinc in it.
  • Says our expert, Alison Cullen, ‘Many women are marginally anaemic and can benefit from a two week course of Floravital, a natural plant-based iron tonic.
  • To get a good quality sleep take  Passiflora Complex or Valerian Hops Complex which is a knock-out herbal mix, 30 minutes before bedtime, according to Alison.
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  • Plenty of exercise even if feeling awful
  • 20 minutes of relaxation every day
  • Nux vomica can enable symptoms to disappear ‘as if by magic’ according to homeopath, Beth Maceoin, particularly for someone who sleeps badly, has headaches and relies on tea, coffee, alcohol or cigarettes to keep them going.
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  • Vitamin B supplements can ease anxiety and irritability.
  • Valerian is a great herbal remedy for keeping you calm.
  • Rescue Remedy – a few drops in your water and sipped all day is great, as well as the RR pastilles.
  • Sepia is recommended by Beth Maceoin for anxiety, indifference, feelings of not being able to cope.
  • Anxiety that descends at night with a fear of feeling out of control, nausea, nervous diarrhoea benefits from Arsenicum alb, says Beth.
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Beth Maceoin practises homeopathy in Newcastle, 0191 236 6935 

Maryon Stewart is at the Natural Health Advisory Service, 01273 487366

Alison Cullen is the nutritionist at A. Vogel (Bioforce),

Alison is one of Healthy Soul’s Healthy Experts

Read Ian Marber’s advice on PMS can be prevented

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