Healthy back at work – top tips

1. Do not stay in one fixed position or focus for too long. Set a timer on the computer as a reminder to check your posture or to take a break.

2. Get some fresh air and a change of environment by taking a walk at lunch time. It’s important to get out of the office, even for just 15 minutes.

3. Get an Alexander Technique teacher to show you how to lie down for a few minutes to let the back relax – depending on your office environment!

4. Make sure your chair is at a good height so that your feet are on the floor or supported by a foot rest. Also, make sure that your desk and keyboard are at the right height.

5. Sit facing squarely on to your desk. Do not twist to face your work station.

6. Sit back in your chair for a moment, let your hands rest flat on your desk beside your keypad, lift your head to look up above your computer and take a few quiet full breaths.

7. Keep your shoulders, neck, arms and hands free from tension. Relax and work calmly. Release your clamped jaw muscles.

8. Do not collapse the wrist or curl fingers. Use a wrist support if necessary.

9. Use a telephone headset if you are using the telephone for extended periods.

10. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

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