Homeopathic remedy helps AIDS patients in Africa

The billboards in South Africa don’t entreat you to buy some exotic drink or take a trip overseas. They recommend everyone to get tested for HIV. Peter Chappell has developed a homeopathic remedy to save lives.
The AIDS statistics in Africa are astonishing:

• More than 28 million Africans are HIV positive;
• That includes ten per cent of the 45 million South Africans – 4.7 million people;
• In Botswana next door 30 per cent of adults are HIV positive;
• A UN report indicated that every sector of African society is affected from farm workers to teachers, police to armed forces of which 20 to 40 per cent have the disease;
• The working population will fall by a quarter in the next 25 years;
• The death rate is causing instability in the fragile African economies with economic growth reduced.

What are the answers?

The billboard on the side of the road in Cape Town shows a white man and asks if he’s been tested yet. At the townships where the majority of the population live there is considerable encouragement to get tested so that the disease isn’t spread.

Above all they are advised to wear condoms as abstinence is unrealistic and unfortunately safe sex is not particularly popular with the uneducated. Some of the five year olds I met in Langa Township in Cape Town had already lost their parents to the disease, and would they be there if we came back in a few years’ time?

A homeopathic solution

A small minority of people in Africa receive retroviral drugs which are difficult to administer and require medical attention. Yet an enterprising British homeopath is treating people with HIV AIDs in Ethiopia.

Peter Chappell is not some whacky new ager who promises the earth and can’t deliver. He is also not in this for the money as he is doing it as a volunteer. For years he has worked abroad bringing homeopathy to troubled parts of the world where it was previously unheard of.

He has been working in Ethiopia since 2001 where he set out to solve the problem of AIDs. He has been a homeopath for many years in Britain and when he finally developed PC1 he found that people who were relatively sick with AIDs started to improve and even those who were chronically ill got out of their beds and started to get better.

In one trial in Malawi 85 per cent of AIDs patients got better, and now Peter has developed his remedy to incorporate AIDs, TB and malaria and it costs less than £1.

Ease of administration

Peter makes the following points about Africa and its current AIDS problem;

‘Homeopathy needs no skills, no monitoring, and no fridges unlike retroviral drugs. When you have AIDs you lose energy and strength and PC1 brings you back.

‘AIDs is such a taboo in Africa that even if you tell your partner you could be ostracised. People can take homeopathic remedies discreetly without anyone else knowing. My remedy only has to be taken for three months instead of for the rest of your life like the drugs.

‘This is not a normal situation with millions of people dying and no-one can afford to be politically correct.’

Peter Chappell’s website: www.vitalremedies.com

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