How to be more tree

COVER How To Be More TreeThis fabulous book identifies trees from around the globe and describes their characteristics in a fascinating way. But what is even more intriguing is the way the author has related the tree’s strengths with those of people adding a pscyhological twist which provides a healthy insight to people.

For example:

  • The Balsam Fir survives the colder north while not dropping its leaves, thereby photosythesising all year round.Its thick, resinous sap stops it from freezing. The message for people and trees is that ‘discomfort can often lead to growth’.
  • the Jarrah in Australia is able to survive even through the dreadful bushfires that are blighting the country. Just below the ground it has a store of nutrients, which can produce another Jarrah tree, so it can sprout new buds.  ‘It’s got something in the bank’ whatever happens.
  • The Olive tree is considered a ‘generous’ tree. Although it struggles through dry, hot climates it manages to produce fruit that provides food, medicine and oil for humans. ‘Giving something away can bring us joy’.
  • The seed of the Banyan tree grows in the cleft of another tree and takes its water and nutrients from its surroundings. Then it lowers it’s roots into the ground from its branches.  The learning from this is, ‘We don’t all have to follow the same path’.

A great read – you can just read one tree a day to get the message.  Go to the Amazon ad on this page to buy How To Be More tree, Essential Life Lessons for Perennial Happiness.



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