Winter heralds aches and pains

We had a fabulous summer in Europe this year and so it’s even harder to go into winter. If you’ve got osteoarthritis the summer could have been very welcome as the aches and pains went away. But as winter starts they come back again.  

(The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) has produced draft guidelines advising GPs that the first recommendation they should give for OA is exercise and weight loss, instead of strong painkillers, that have been  standard treatment for some time.  See my video on Staying Active and Mobile on YouTube.  

One Step Ahead of Osteoarthritis by Frances Ive (the owner of Healthy Soul) shows how staying active and mobile is essential to a good quality of live as we get older. Written from personal experience the book covers the most important aspects of managing osteoarthritis – exercise, weight management and diet, plus therapies supplements, herbal remedies, practical measures  – keep warm, wear comfortable shoes, avoid trip hazards.

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